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How I can pay

At you pay conveniently and securely online.

Pay your monthly installment or make a one-time payment. By Klarna instant transfer, SEPA direct debit, giropay, credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

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How can I pay monthly installments?

Easily set up a repayment plan in your customer portal. You determine the amount of your monthly installment, the payment date, and the payment method.

Create repayment plan

What monthly rate fits my situation?

Use the convenient rate calculator in your customer portal to find the monthly rate that fits your individual living situation.

Find the right rate

How can I register for the customer portal?

Online registration is simple and fast. You need your date of birth, last name and Hoist Finance customer number. You will find this on each of our letters and in each of our emails to you.



I could not log in.

If you were unable to log in, please contact us at:

0800 46 47 800

Or use our chatbot Kai, it is available 24 hours a day.


Where can I find your bank details?

If you would like to set up a standing order or pay us by bank transfer, please use the following bank details:

IBAN DE45350700300324400105
Reason for payment your Hoist Finance customer number

You will find your customer number on our letters and in our e-mails to you.

What debts?

If you think you have already settled the claim or think it is a case of mistaken identity and we are contacting you by mistake, please contact us. Together we will clarify your questions.

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Why have I received a SCHUFA entry?

The termination of a contractual relationship by your financial institution, in particular a loan agreement, may result in a so-called negative entry in SCHUFA. This can, for example, make it more difficult to take out further loans or conclude a mobile phone contract. If you would like information about the status of your SCHUFA, you can request this directly from SCHUFA. You can obtain more information via the homepage

In addition, our SCHUFA experts can be reached by e-mail and by phone at +49 203 7569-1251.

Please note that a loan is not reported as settled in SCHUFA until it has been repaid in full.


What do I need to know about your cooperation with TEAM U?

Are you running a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME), are you self-employed, a freelancer or are you one of the founders of a start-up?

Then you can take advantage of TEAM U's free help to get your finances back on track. Click here to go to the TEAM U website.

Our cooperation with TEAM U does not include any exchange of data and information. Should you seek help from TEAM U, it is an independent connection between TEAM U and you.


Where can I find forms?

If you would like to fill out one of our forms and send it to us, you can access them in the form center.

Form center

Your question was not answered?

Contact us to answer any open questions.

Contact us

0800 46 47 800

You are also welcome to use our chatbot Kai, you can find it at the bottom right of our homepage, it is available 24 hours a day.

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