Customer Story

How did you feel about the initial contact with us?

I could not find an agreement with my former creditor that suited my situation.

When I received the first letters from Hoist Finance, I could not imagine a solution due to my financial situation. However, the open offer in the letters moved me to call Hoist Finance. I discussed the options with a member of staff. I was very surprised at the open communication and the options I was given to find a solution.


How did you get into this financial situation?

I worked for a long time in my job at the time, as it happens, I took out a loan for some purchases. Due to a restructuring in the company, I then lost my job, so I could no longer pay my loan instalments.

At first I tried to service all the loans, but at some point it didn't work out anymore because the job search took longer than expected.


Please describe the first conversation with our employee

The interview was very friendly. First I was asked for my personal details to make sure I was who I said I was.

The employee explained to me why I am now a customer of Hoist Finance and how the further processing will be. Together we discussed my financial situation. The employee asked me about my income, rent, other debts and marital status.

At no time did I have the feeling that I was just another customer, but they really took the time to understand my situation.

We were able to find a solution that suited me, with monthly instalments.


Was our employee able to help you?

Definitely, we found a solution where I can pay back my debt monthly.


Do you have any advice for other people in a similar situation?

Definitely get in touch with Hoist Finance, the staff are very dedicated and knowledgeable. I felt I was in good hands from the start.
It's important to stay in touch.

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